I'm tired of signature guitars


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Be careful! If you don't like signature guitars you might get accused of 'spreading hate' like those of us who voiced our opinion of the Buddy Holly Strat.


I have two signature guitars; an Eric Johnson Strat and an Albert Lee RWMM. Although, I respect and Mr. Johnson and Mr. Lee, I wouldn't say that I am a huge fan of their music, but I am a huge fan of the specs on the guitars.

I don't care if it's a signature guitar or not. If it has the specs I want, I'll buy it.


I don't care for a bunch either but it's no big deal. Still just a guitar. I'd play one if it was good.

If you were on the other side of it, selling them, you'd be doing that marketing too. Just to keep you're line in the forefront and try and get new customers.

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If it wasn't for the 6100 frets on the PRS DGT I'd probably look to another company. That signature model just offers features that I can't get on another PRS guitar at the price-point.

Until the major companies start offering á la carte, I'll have to go for the feature laden signature models.

I don't like lots of guitar related stuff, but it's not place to dump on other's likes. Yeah, it's a forum and ain't no rich kid - I know what I like and if a company produces it, I'll buy it.
The DGT is a very well thought out guitar that PRS Designed with the help of the artist. The features were unique enough that it appealed to many players. The so-called signature Les Pauls are just R9's with a certain color and some relicing and a piece of Paper stating it's signature model.

The only thing the Sig models from Gibson and the guitars they are copying have in common is there made out of wood.


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A company that builds a guitar with the same materials and parts as the "standard" non signature line and charge YOU nearly double for it should be burned to the ground.

Want a signature strat to resemble your favorite player, save yourself some money and buy the parts yourself to upgrade it to whatever it is you want a copy of and send ME the money you saved. ;-)


There's a new Matt Sorum mic preamp. A signature preamp from a drummer that replaced Steve Adler in GNR. I've never seen a signature synthesizer or accordian. If signature gear bothers you so much consider taking up those instruments instead.


I agree to some respects. I used to really want a Warren Haynes Les Paul but man that's a big price tag. I love my 2 David Grissom PRS's (DGT's). This feature laden guitar is great for the many styles I have to play in one night at a club.

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The DGT is a very well thought out guitar...thought out by a hard working studio guy who knows what works. Which again, is why the signature models really make sense. They are the next step after the creator has sent the creation into the world.


Just putting a name on a Guitar is one thing.

But I love it when an Artist really causes a manufacturer to come up with a different Model or even a "better" slightly different model.

Favorites are ones the Manufacturer never would have done or even close to it.

The original 4 Pickup Music Man Steve Morse.

Alvin Lee Signature 335 - H-S-H !

Then there's the more subtle but cool ones like the SRV Strat- 12" radius etc.( maybe the 1st production Strat with 12" ?) the EJ Strat.

Then there's the real subtle ones- I heard on here I think that the Bonamassa Studios were the best sounding Studios- and it really was of the ones I tried- and the QC is better....

So I like Signatures if they have new features etc.


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Sigs are idiotic IMO. But lets face it, they are a marketing ploy. There WILL be those who buy into it, especially kids.
Yes it is marketing, but "kids" are not the market the models he ius ranting about are aimed at. I guess there may be a kid or 2 that can drop $20K on a sig LP, but not many.