I'm usually not a big fan of him as a guitar player


I happen to think that he is very talented. Plus, look at the
very beautiful women he has squired around over the yrs.
Beats the hell out of my life! :(

I think a lot of " criticism " over the yrs. is inspired from
one color only. Because of the $ he has made & the
emotions he elicits. :cool:
Whats women got to do with it?

I dont own any of his music. He is stellar with Dead and Co but, admitedly, I find his singing distracting with them.

His song, gravity, is really really good!

Jon C

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Very talented. Not a great singer imo.

Talented guitarist. I have not personally been drawn to most of what I’ve heard and seen, both solo and Dead-related.


He has the whole package. He is in fact a great guitar player... again - try playing Neon and sing at the same time. His phrasing, when you break it down is actually quite clever. Timing is great too.

BUT, I don't like John Mayer for his playing really. Its his song writing and sense of melody that grabs me. Believe it or not... the same kinds of guitar critic debates (although not in the internet...) happened around Stevie Ray Vaughn too.


I agree too. His actual singing technique is terrible- although perhaps not as bad as it used to be. Maybe he worked with a vocal coach sometime along the way over the past 17 years since his first album(??). But technique aside- I just don’t like his vocal style.
He had surgery a few years ago, he had to change the way he sang after that.


I really like him, both his playing and singing. I think he has a unique voice and uses it well.

I thought he did a great job on this album with Sco a few years back.

Nice! I guess I need to check out more of his music.


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It's funny how polarizing JM is.
It actually gets pretty annoying around here TBH. The dude is killing it! Plays with legends, has killer gear, great chops, gets to do what many of us wished we could do and yet he is blasted by armchair QBs playing in their bedrooms.

I saw him with Dead & Co three times in the last 18 months. He can sing, he can play, he is having a blast and making a very nice living. Keep at it JM! :aok


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He's a great player, a great singer, and a great songwriter. Plays on tons of records. Plays what belongs and naught else. Changes with the times and is always relevant. Does different projects, plays what he wants, although he can play anything. He's just plain great. (everywhere on earth but TGP :) )


I love his singing with D&C: he has a precision to his styling that makes the lyrics pop. Sure, it's not for everyone, but he's very deliberate in the way he sings, and I appreciate the choices he makes.
It’s funny how so many post have to preface their dislike for JM before they get to their point. Talk about bringing baggage into a topic. lol

I thought it was good and stayed somewhat true to the original without being a direct copy.

If this was a nobody most people wouldn’t have an issue with it, but because it’s Mayer it’s easy to dislike.

This is coming from a non-Mayer fan, but I do respect his music.


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Ha! What a bunch of guitar players. As someone who has sang for a long time, what he did here is not easy to make all that work. A lot of times it's much easier to belt something out than control your voice in the way he has here.

It’s not difficult for a pro with solid/good vocal technique.
You managed to praise exactly what I dislike - those breathy vocals. Flawless -about 5 seconds of his singing made my skin crawl. It’s all a flaw as far as I’ m concerned.
Same for Sting when he's really aping that breathy American Jazz Cat voice. Sounds extremely pretentious to me. His voice sounds great when he's belting it out, and I didn't mind the Jazz Cat thing as long as his albums were still great, but that stopped cold after '92. :confused:


You managed to praise exactly what I dislike - those breathy vocals. Flawless -about 5 seconds of his singing made my skin crawl. It’s all a flaw as far as I’ m concerned.
This ^^^

I love his playing, but as soon as he starts singing, I'm out.....