iMic USB Output cuts out (Garageband)


OK, I posted earlier on "freezing" problems with my iBook G4 (1 GHz, 40GB HD, OS-X 10.3.9, 768 RAM, GB 1.1.1). I've played with settings, turned off everything inc. Airport, I turn off effects, mute tracks (I can't "lock" 'em w. GB 1.1.1), still happens.

After a freeze and closing the "slow disk" or similar pop-up, the track continues w. input but no output. I then reset it w. settings to get it started again, but sometimes still no output, just input (so you can lay a track but not hear it!). When this happens, no output during recording or playback mode. My typical "fix" is to close GB, shut down, boot back up.

I played around & found that if I plug my headphones directly into the iBook headphone jack and switch audio pref. to "built in" vs. "USB", I can hear the output. Going back & forth with settings & plugging the phones into my iMic, I still get no output thru the USB. So I can record or playback using the iMic for input, but the iBook jack for output.

How weird. Any ideas?


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No ideas other than you might need more RAM. With a Mac, when in doubt, go to applications/utilites/disk utilities and "repair permissions."
Not to sound the switch on the Imic in the proper position for that setup? I have heard of similar imic problems, it was at one time proposed that there is a driver issue with tiger 0X...also, the preferences must be set not only in garageband, but in system prefs. as well...



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