IMO, the best tube combo amp FOR THE MONEY, is the

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    Feb 16, 2009
    Blues Custom 15/30 watt. Class A/AB. 2-12" Eminence speakers. Tube rectifier, tube REVERB - (wow, it goes on forever). It's made by Epiphone and from what I read that pretty much means it's made by Gibson. It definitely must be quality-checked by Gibson and I believe it was designed by Gibson. I suspect that it is very much the same amp as one of Gibson's amps.

    I owned one but could never turn it up loud (live in an apt.). So I sold it for something else, and finally tried it out LOUD in the music store I sold it to. WOW!!, it kicked my butt. I've tried it out since and again, WOW!! it kicked my butt again, but MORE. It's LOUD, and has guts & balls. It has interactive tone controls (like Marshall). It is HEAVY- It has an iron framework, as I understand. It is a little heavier than a comparable Marshall, if you can believe that.

    Why this amp is selling big time must be because people look down their nose at Epiphone (even though Epiphone should read "Gibson" basically)

    And it is the PICTURE of Retro (if you like that).

    If you can try one of these, do. The frosting on the cake? -- $579 !

    P.S. I went back lately to re-buy that amp was gone!

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