Impedance Switch


So I've got a Fender Bandmaster head and a peavey classic 30 head. One runs at 4 ohms, 1 runs at 16 ohms. Right now I'm looking at buying a 112 that runs at 8 ohms. Could I put a switch in this cabinet that could switch between 4 and 16 ohms? If I have to replace the speaker to do this that would be fine.


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You'll need some hardware like GCDEF showed.

At the amp impedance is managed by the output transformer, so unless they have some additional windings that the manufacturer didn't access (which on your amps is probably not the case), you would have to replace the output transformer for one that does.

At the cabinet, its dictated by the speaker. Since the cabinet is a single speaker, you don't have the option of wiring series or parallel to give you some flexibility.

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