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In any case, I was never into vibrato arms...

I absolutely hate them on Strats, Floyd Roses seem to be fun on super-Strats but still, too much of a hassle to set-up and maintain and the only one that I ever made to sound musical is a Bigsby (which also look pretty cool, IMO, too).

But... forget all that. Nowadays for me, fixed bridges and... Digitech Ricochet. Seriously, I absolutely love mine after having it on my board for a few months now.

Subtle vibrato-arm movement 2 semitones down? Check.
Musical rhythmic dives / up-shifts 5 semitones either way? Check.
Pseudo-dive bombs? Check.
Dry plus 1 octave down funky leads? Check.
1 octave up or down into fuzz for extra mayhem? Check.
New, interesting, unexplored sounds when inspiration hits you? Check.

Hell, it has even crossed my mind to get a Whammy V to see if it performs dive-bombs even better / with better control than the Ricochet.

Oh and let me add the killer buffer it uses when the momentary mode is on.

Thank you Digitech! :aok

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