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In defense of Guitar Center


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Sometimes I give some staff at GC the brush off as I focus on getting what I need and getting out of there.

But I could never pretend to negotiate in good faith with someone else - when I didn't have the money no way

To me, that's no different than pretending to own a guitar for sale, get the buyer to negotiate with you to agreed terms, but not have the guitar to transfer to the would be buyer.

Disgusting, with all due respect. Not impressed.
Just because he offered me a "sweet" deal, doesn't mean I have to jump on it.. Even if he said to take it for 1k, at the end of the the day it's my decision to take it or not.. I was just impressed that he went above and beyond to make a customer happy, and he did, I surely will be going back to buy from them.. Yeah like the other guy said, it backfired on me, but I do have the cash, and more, just not for that guitar...

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