In need of a 5 guitar stand for 2 elec, 1 acoustic, weissenborn, & lap steel


I'm in need of a 5 guitar stand for 2 electrics, 1 acoustic, weissenborn, & lap steel. Stage space is limited and portability (truckability) is also important. The necks on the weiss and lap steel prevent me from using traditional routes and without a guitar tech they all have to be accessible between songs. Any ideas?


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I'm looking for the same thing as you and pulled up your thread on a search. Here's what I found and just ordered:

I'll try to post some feedback once it arrives. You might have already solved your issue, but fwiw...

Please do report in on the stand ... interesting .
I`m curious as to;
how strong it is.
if cords plugged into the jacks get hung up on the supports.
how large and how portable is it folded up.
Sometimes stands have pieces that flap around making load in and out complicated .

thanks , Paul

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