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In praise of the Ibanez LF-7 Low Fi Filter Pedal

Moe Shinola

I LOVE this pedal. It's probably the most important pedal I have. On the surface it's just a filter for rolling off highs and lows, but it also has a Drive knob, and depending on where you set the Mode switch it'll radically change your sound. I have a Samick Greg Bennett Torino, an SG copy with humbuckers and a pretty soft, "jazz guitar" tone. Set Mode to Guitar, set the Lo Cut and Hi Cut to about 11 and 1, respectively, and turn the drive up some. Immediately that softness is gone, replaced with a THICK sound, not intrinsic to Fenders, Gibsons, or the like, but completely different and perfect for leads. I liken it to bringing in the 2nd and 3rd oscillators on a really nice synth, til you forget all about how thin that one oscillator sounded. As a bonus, if you set Mode to Mic(ignore the Drums setting - I haven't heard anything useful from it yet), you'll get just the harshest distortion you ever heard, not everybody's first choice of sound, I'm sure, but for some things it'd be great. I cannot praise this pedal highly enough, and if it ever went missing I'd search high and low online til I found another. I'd actually like an extra, just to kick everybody's teeth in with that harsh fuzz.

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