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Hey y'all,

I am looking for a middle single coil pickup that will (in theory) bond well with a bridge and neck P90 style pickup. The bridge will be the Railhammer T90 and the neck will be the G90.

Its primary uses will be chord work. Looking for clean plucky tones as well as good note separation with overdrive kicked on.



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try using a same matching G90 from the neck in the middle position - that matching neck and middle pickup formula combo was the way Fender shipped Strats for the first year or two, worked well for Leo Fender. Or, see if they will wind you a G90 that is just 5% hotter than the neck? Don't think you want the middle too much hotter than the neck, you'll want it to still sound like it's part of the set... I used two matching Duncan SSL1 pickups in a EC Strat (an SSL5 in the Bridge) - I know your talking P90's but those single coils sounded great together, and the middle all by itself did everything your asking a middle pickup to do. Thinking out loud here. See what other suggestions roll in. Good Hunting.


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Also, just a hint of advice: use a reverse wound, reverse polarity single coil in the middle, and you should have hum-cancelling in the combo positions!

I believe SD can make every single coil as an "RWRP". Look for those.

I'd also try a rails one.

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