In search of Bloody Mary, my first MIC (made in cebu) guitar from stump to stage


part 1 of ???

i always wanted to try a made in cebu electric guitar and was wondering how it would do and using native wood that can be sourced locally(mahogany and kamagong), i havent tried local kamagong before..i really wanted to have max rufo work on the guitar but the waiting list was too long for i decided to have a friend inquire a luthier..

so we wondered if this was the place in mactan for finding luthiers, it wasnt easy to find the 'SIGN'

just like journey to the west, our hero and one hell of a bit.chin guitarplayer Carl 'the gainiac' envoys the nomadic quest to the luthiers place with the precious booty of philippine mahogany (kiln dried from abonales wood shop)

and some kamagong wood,

and the parts from ebay

after a few weeks of cutting and re-drying the wood..the plans for the bloodymary models are laid out

our google-based researched plans are assessed and confirmed

templates are cutted out for our own choice of arm cuts and minor routing changes

the kamagong 'iron-wood' is then assessed and graded on which areas will be used for tops, using the luthiers mastery of techniques passed to him by his ancestors and logical 'Eni Meeni Mini Mo' gets the job done

iron-wood fretboards

mahogany neck wood

iron wood tops

iron wood headstock tops



part 2

after another few days of wood drying, its just another guitar building day at the shop( the smell of wood to be cut and cement is just uplifting lol)

the luthier then asked a few question(s) from this block of mahogany on which part of the block is rich in tone and is stable..torturing the wood to spill the beans is a normal procedure..

finally some cutting!

while pure blood would have been great as a stain..the flies would have a feast licking those lol so this good ol hardware stuff stain solution was opted

a few mixtures were tested on which would pop the grains nicely

then the choice was made, looks like this wood was used in a baby-seal hunt



part 3

after a few weeks, the day it all comes together..

my s-style guitar neck

and 12fret inlay..temple inlay'MOP' over iron-wood,

the body is inspected by Johny Punk of the 'ramonitos' check if the evil wood look was attained...and yes it was

johnny checked if the finish if it was done properly on the cut-away's..

tuners attached on the headstock and the neck to the body..luthier goes on to work on BloodyMary Model -T as my guitar rests

the model T shown here gets to see the light the first time

bone nut is prep'd and slotted

carl looks on as his bloody T-slowly comes to life..

its confirmed! Superman is a luthier and he lives in cebu!

behind the talk and smiles is a hardworking man and puts his all in making your ideas to life..

he also makes acoustics btw (that's goku)



part 4,


assess the weight and confirms it a effing beast..OMG(what will happen to my back!)

but the feel is worth the pain??

Carl boi, tries some ampless d-jenting,

and yeah action still needs lowering

back to the shot to check the finish eh?

12:00nn..redhorse time, the sun is up, its a saturday..time to get the luthier some brain juice

after a few minutes of exchanging drunken 'i love you man's!' work resumes to get the beasties ready..

take a look at this all kamagong string winder..

model t-landing that final feel



Awesome guitars! I just had to search the internet for Cebu. What a beautiful place. Have fun with those wonderful instruments.

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