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Income/pedal expenditures/profession(%)


Just out of curiosity!!!!!

I feel bad because I don't have all those nice pedals you guys have.
(not talking about sums, just percentages)

I'll go:

Income: 70% music based (gigs/session work/consultancy/writing/producing/songwriting/scores/royalties)

30%: Creative consultancy/translation/interpretation/directing/acting
/stunt man(!)

Save for GAS via means of: tax evasion/not drinking alchohol/vegetarian.

GAS money: Everything I can spare without my family going hungry.

Percentage of real estate occupied by equipment: 2 rooms for storage at home, three rehearsal rooms,1 studio, garage, sons bedroom (he's cool on that cos he's 3 and can play what he calls "gypsy G" already!!), specially designed walk in wardrobe housing 38 guitars.

Wife: Famous TV presenter.

Son: plays a 3 year old in a soap opera

Back-up profession: Screenwriter/Sound engineer/contemporary music teacher.

Other: get freebies from sponsors that I destroy/scratch/break and they have to sell me the stuff at a huge discount

GAS meter level: ain't even started/doing well till I hit TGP:messedup

Board: probably the crappiest on TGP

Am I alone?


Income: 100% music based

Save for GAS via means of: tax write-offs, General upkeep and expansion. It's my job, after all...

GAS money: 20(ish)% of what I make

Percentage of real estate occupied by equipment: 1 bedroom, 2 closets and one car trunk

Wife: Music industry job

Back-up profession: None.

GAS meter level: Not so bad... not much time to shop.

Board: probably the 2nd crappiest on TGP...


Silver Supporting Member
Income: 95% Banker. 5% pedal deals

GAS money: Usually have $200 at the end of each week spare.

Percentage of real estate occupied by equipment: 1 room.

Wife: girlfriend just retired as a pastry chef. probably going to move into something part time

Son: 2 greyhounds:)

Back-up profession: Used to teach guitar. pulled me $120 a week, but i stopped.

GAS meter level: rather high. i have found my perfect amp and board. now i want a Nocaster, another strat or two, a P90 loaded Les Paul and a hollowbody...plus my acoustic is due in July

Board: Decent
Teese RMC2-Ulbrick Megalodon-Ulbrick 12axe-KOT-Keeley Comp-Red Witch Medusa Chorus-T-rex Replica-Korg DT10b


I'm interested to see if it's true that the non pro/bedroom/garage guys/gals have the sweetest stuff.

That's normaly the case where I live: a friend of mine has been playing for 15 years and has only ever played one song at ONE gig.....but he works for the government and has more gear that the whole pedalboard thread combined!


Income: 100% Professional Auto Glass Technician(12+ years exp.)

GAS Money:
Mostly found/spent in lumps at a time, for example; sold first house and made way more on we than expected so my wife and I treated ourselves to something we always wanted individually. I bought a then new '06 Les Paul R8, an '04 AV52RI Tele and a few pedals.

Percentage of real estate occupied by gear: One corner of game/guitar room.

Wife: The amazing center of my world for the last 12 years(nearly 10 married.) Cosmetologist

Kids: Your typical beautiful kids. My son is autistic, has been playing piano for 3 years, and will be 7 in March, My daughter is 4 and in her second year of dance.

Back up profession: Heh, joke right!? I'm in it for the long haul.

GAS meter level: not real high, if I see a pedal I want I'll sell something I don't use much. I'm set for now at guitar.

Board: see sig


These days I make little to no money from music but i've happily come to love a great but simple rig and I don't spend much at all on gear now. I run two average, but decent guitars, Teese Wah>SD-1>OCD>JCM 800. GAS level very low. I guess i'm an exception to the theory.

EDIT>>> Real estate used...... a 2 1/2 car garage thats been converted into a band room/studio and I didn't mention that I've spent thousands and thousands on soundproofing, recording gear and assorted live PA gear.


Income: 0% music based

Save for GAS via means of: Saving my pennies in a jar

GAS money: I never buy anything on credit. Cash is King.

Percentage of real estate occupied by equipment: 1 room and overflow is starting to make it to the bedroom

Wife: Doesn't care much for my GF

Son: Have a son and a daughter, both in elementary school

Back-up profession: Volunteer Firefighter

Other: I trade lots of pedals

GAS meter level: ain't even started/doing well till I hit TGP:messedup

Board: E, COT 50, Screwdriver, MJM Blues Devil, Teese Wizard, Analogman Delay. Other pedals come and go, but these are here to stay for now.


Income: 100% UAW Millwright Leader at Ford's Chicago Assembly Plant

GAS Money: I got about 6 to 8 grand tied up in gear that I buy and sell in order to try new stuff. What I like, I keep.

Percentage of real estate occupied by gear: One corner of game/guitar room.

Wife: Retired after working in a Grocery store for 25 years. I would kill myself if I lost her.

Kids: 4 pound Chihuahua named Blue Belle

Back up profession: Don't need one.

GAS meter level: High but it's coming down lately

Board: see sig


Gold Supporting Member
Income: 99% I/T Engineer...1% Gigs (most of which is reinvested into gear)

Save for GAS via means of: Gigs

GAS money: From gigs...too far and few between!

Percentage of real estate occupied by equipment: The amps, pedalboard (PT2 in an Anvil), cabinets, and gig "suitcase" live in the garage...guitars in the closet. Need a "room!"

Wife: Famous Housewife/Homeschool Teacher...married for 25+ years

Daughter: On her own in Dallas.

Son: Plays drums, guitar, Playstation, and X-Box :D

Back-up profession: I build amps and effects...but mostly for me!

GAS meter level: Low...no money plus I'm really happy with my tone

Board: Modest yet effective...the Mini Deja replaced the DV-2...so I have plenty of room to expand should GAS strike!



I hope nobody takes the phraze "bedroom guitarists" as an insult BTW, I meant it as meaning those who maybe are retired or don't get chance to play that often nowadays or are only just starting up.


Income: 1-2% music based (1-2 gigs per month, original music = low bucks)

Save for GAS via means of: gig money plus tax deductions plus a touch more to top up at times

Percentage of real estate occupied by equipment: closet under the stairs

Wife: Part-time work

GAS meter level: Varies, usually high for something, but mostly pedals (one-in, one-out normally)

Board: Mid-range - 5 pedal + power supply, mix of "boutique" and mainstream, quite fond of Diamond pedals...and Boss pedals (some which I've modded)


Income: 100% Scientist
GAS money: about $100/month...much more around tax time

Percentage of real estate occupied by equipment: 1/4 of bedroom set up with amp/effects and I closet for storage of peripherals, 2nd amp, other guitars and unused pedals

Coordinator in a Research ethics office 1 building over...Love being able to commute together everyday!

Back-up profession: None

GAS meter level: High.... Really want a '59 thinskin strat (2 tsb), looking at outfitting the board with Evidence Lyric's, want to pick up a compressor, wah, delay, Katana, and a Pedaltrain board. Then, there's the recording end of things to look after.

Board: Pedals on the floor...
Strobostomp II, OCD, Burst E, Crunch Box, Fat Boost into a Fargen Blackbird 30 SE. I did just receive a tejas that will find time as well.

Pedals in the closet: Menatone Red Snapper, Lovekraft Mojo Drive, Boss BD-2 (unmodded), Boss Super Chorus


Yeah, I may have said that in the wrong way - there is no shame in being a hobbyist or non-gigging player, and it's all that many have time to do. I meant it in the sense that I have been doing more to expand my gear collection than my playing ability, as it seems the friend you mentioned is doing. For me, being a "bedroom guitarist" has been a result of my lack of initiative to actually use that gear to play with other musicians, record, get a band together, etc. and make it worthwhile to spend all that money.

I was just clarifying what I meant to say by 'bedroom players'.

It's all about perspective I guess. I'm from the 70's so by the time the 80s and all the BOSS/DOD distribution thang started, I'd already learnt my chops the hard way. GAS didn't seem to exist in those days, I used to save and save to scrape together enough money to get a pedal. And that was after the first 400 or so concerts.
Nowadays it can be the other way round I suppose, nothing wrong with that.
My rich friend with all the dumbles/full pedaltrains however won't let his son near his gear (or money) until he learns his chops and earns them. the kid's gotta gig before he gets anything.

Suppose that's a new-age way of reducing hireditary GAS.


Income: 100% Music Librarian

GAS money: I'm very Frugal. Maybe 150-200 bucks a month

Percentage of real estate occupied by equipment: 1 room.

Wife: don't have one.

Son: don't have them.

Back-up profession: used to give guitar lessons. Now I'm living off my wages, and don't care if I make a dime from playing music. I just do it for fun.

GAS meter level: reasonable. I'm to frugal for it to get high. I want things, but never chasing anything.

Board: Working on it: Moho Mods Rat II, Freakshow Brown Rabbit, Timmy, DLS Echo Tap, TU-2. Have a halophase on order. Trying a new delay and a new OD every month. That sort of thing.


really interesting thread. to your point, there was a tonefest (for amps) here in portland with a bunch of tgp folks. i couldn't make it, but i heard that VERY few of the people actually gigged ever. yet they had 10's of thousands $$$ in amps alone...plus all the PRS's etc. everyone wanted to hear the amps cranked. the handful of players who are full-time or close to it were the only ones asking, "so what does it sound like clean?" or "how does it respond at a volume that won't shear off every head in the front row?"

anyway...i'll go.

Income: 85% corporate job. 15% from gigs / sessions (all of which goes into a GAS account)

Save for GAS via means of: gigging 2-3 times per week, sessions, and lessons

GAS money: working for the man has helped. my live guitar rig is maybe $10k. i'm a pedal ho', and am severely lacking in the amp dept. (swart sst is on the radar)

Percentage of real estate occupied by equipment: 1 room in the basement that is somewhat soundproofed. about the size of a decent sized bedroom.

Wife: we both work for the same company. she make $2 less than i do each month.

Son: weimaraner name bocce...

Back-up profession: ummm...i can solve a rubik's cube in under 30 seconds. figure out a way to make that pay, and i'll give you 1/2 the earnings.

GAS meter level: since arriving at this cursed tgp, i've gone from stock ts-9's to acquiring a zen, tim, timmy, seymour shape shift during the past 72 hrs. that's misleading...waited 8 months for tim's (worth it)...but i have good pedals now and my tone is amazing IMHO.

Board: within the portland area, i think i win...or come close. nycpedalboard's bigshot with 13-16 pedals.

fortunately, my fiance is supportive and loves music. it's interesting to hear her start saying things like, "the burst eternity sounds a bit more "earthy" than the roadhouse". or (better yet) "you shouldn't sell the crunchbox because it's red and you don't have any other red pedals"...she's a keeper. last night she said, "when you get the swart sst, i think you should get a 1x12 speaker thingy with the 2x12...you know for the smaller gigs with a tiny stage." i don't care if she's right or wrong...at least she's interested.


Gold Supporting Member
Income: 99% medical practice, 1% decent trades

Save for GAS via means of: Don't spend nearly as much as I used to. Impulse buyer mostly, so no real savings.

GAS money: Varies from nothing, to taking a loan.

Percentage of real estate occupied by equipment: OUch! 2 bedrooms, 1/2 of the game room, and another room in the basement.

Wife: Volunteer school lunch lady, quilter.

Sons: both computer programmers, one did hardcore and alt country for 5 years, then gave it up completely, the other is still an aspiring punk rocker (www.zombienewton.com).

Daughters: One student at university and one music therapist; the only kid that went into any vaguely medical field. Why did the others gravitate to my hobbies (music, computers) not my job?

Back-up profession: None right now, but could sell used guitars... Or work at Smart Studios.

Other: Loaning a little gear to up and coming bands.

GAS meter level: Pretty high, always something new and cool on the horizon, but I was doing this for 10 years before I discovered TGP. In fact, Ebay has severely hurt my GASing because everybody knows what stuff is worth now, no bargains out there...

Board: who has room to put it on a board?

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