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I've been keeping my eyes open for '65 Deluxe Reverb Reissues lately, when lo and behold, I see a Super Reverb pop up locally. After a great phone conversation, we agreed on a price and are meeting up later this week. The best part is that this amp is PRISTINE! As this is my first venture into Fender amps, I think I know what I'm getting into, but what types of things should I look out for?

Anyway, I am seriously giddy about this! I can't wait to plug into it and hear that glorious Fender clean that I've been wanting for the past few months. :)


Good luck! I've always wanted to own a Super Reverb! I'd say there's not so much to look out for on a reissue as a vintage long as it looks good, works, and sounds good, then you should be good!


If the amp is too bright for you or you wanna make it sound even better..put a set of Celestion G35's in it. They can be found in the 80's 4x10 Marshall cabs. They are killer speakers in Super Reverbs. I've owned many SR's over the years and currently using a 66'.
I've tried many kinds of speakers and these are my favorites in this amp. It's the perfect amp to me, enough power to overcome any drummer and not too powerful to play clubs. Also reccomend an ATA case....easy in and out of clubs and amp is protected.


I have some demo stuff of my band in the members clips area, all through a SRRI. The only changes I've made to it are speakers (The Jensens are great but I love the Webers) and tubes, Winged C Svets.

I think I got a pretty good variety of tones out of that rig.

Edit to add:
I've owned 3 very nice examples of original blackface amps that were properly maintained, but I feel that my SRRI hangs without problem with any of those.

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