Incredible new super group


just came out on Billboard:

Paul MCartney, Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, Elton John and Jimmy Page have recorded
A new Album of originals. They have booked Madison Square Garden for 15 nights
June 6th through July 6th. Tickets will not go on sale - instead you have to buy the album
Which will have a a url that links to 4 place holders which you download and when opened assign you a date and time to buy your tickets through Ticketmaster. Only unique individuals who have registered
With a SS number can log on. IOWS they have effectively shut out scalpels. Get this - the tickets
Start at $750 each for nosebleeds. The rumour is the first twenty rows on the floor - $2500 a piece.

The Album is going to be released on Vinyl exclusively for 3 months by Sony/EMI - and comes with a
Coupon from Sony for a special price on a high end turntable. Sony has designed a new
Audiophile Cartridge for thier brand new Granite Based Turntable. Unfortunately even with the coupon
The turntable is $1200!

The album is going to be exclusively sold only at Amazon and you have to have a Prime Membership
Or it's a no go. Only one album per Prime Membership is allowed. If Amazon discovers any Cheaters
Not only will the album and tickets have to be returned in 5 days - but all scammers will be banned for life.

I don't know about you guys but I have already paid for the album in full ( the Vinyl is $95 with the
Tickets). I got lucky as I am #30 in cue. I'm sitting on the floor.


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"Incredible" is the operative word here.

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