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Industrial Amps Overdrive 15 AMP:
(This is a $2,300 AMP!)

$850.00 Shipped

Industrial Amps Overdrive 15 Combo Guitar Amp.
15 watt, single channel combo. Point to point hand wired 1x12 all Tube electric guitar amp.

Excellent for electric guitar, bass guitar and acoustic guitar.
Microphones can be used with Guitar or Bass in shared Y-Jack arrangement.

Voiced for subtle overdrive to heavy distortion. Extreme versatile.
Comes with brand new extra set of tubes.

Studio Legend Producer Michael Wagener raves about this amp.
If you haven't heard this amp, listen to his review on Youtube.

3-12AX7 Preamp Tubes
2-6V6 Power tubes
2 Speaker Outs
Voltage Switch
Ohms selector switch
Effects Loop
Vintage 30 Speaker

23-1/2" x 11-1/4"x18"H.

Please note,
This amp is used, but is 100% functional. There are minor marks from use and such. The bottom front has a small vinyl covering tear (clearly shown in photo). The amp has been in a non-smoking home but has been used for gigs from the to time.


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