Inexpensive T-Style guitar, or Jazzcaster, thick neck & reasonable weight


^^^ I made this guitar^^^
Can you recommend a T-Style, or Jazzcaster that is in the under $450 range that has a fat neck (.86 or thicker) and is under 8 pounds? This will be used mostly for slide and I have no problem buying used.

I was looking at the Squire models, but they all have thin necks. :mob



I don't usually like Fender-style guitars for slide , their sound is a bit too thin for me.

But if you like that kinda sound , Esquires have pretty fat necks , and I think you can find an used MIM one (Classic Player series IIRC) for around that price. The problem (for me) is that it doesn't have a neck pickup so you're limited to the very thin bridge pickup , but...
Baja's neck is thickest than most tele necks but it's not that big IMO

It is much larger than .86 inches I can promise that.

The Classic 50s is available as an Esquire or a Tele.

Guitar Center (and MF) may still have an "FSR" model with an alder body and a neck almost as big as the Baja. It has a 25 decibel MidBoost circuit so it will be fat enough, I would think. Comes in Sunburst or Blizzard Pearl and asks for $ 500 something but you should be able to talk them down some. GC/MF special FSR'd these a few months back; now it is time to move any remaining ones out for the next FSR offering and the next.

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