initial Iridium impressions


It's a pedal, so I'm posting it here, hope that's okay. Anyhoo... yeah, I dig it. A lot. To be honest, I'm kinda blown away. I've got one on loan for me to learn it and do a demo and review vid for a local music store and so far it's surpassed my expectations. My typical rig is usually one of my tube amps and my pedalboard and up to this point the modeling stuff always fell kinda short. Keep in mind, I've not played the big dogs like Kemper or Axe Effects or (fill in super dooper fantastic modeler here). Also, I've only played with it with headphones so far, I haven't tried it with a powered speaker or studio monitors yet. But it sounds pretty killer through my cheap "around the house" cans.

I will say this; for me, the "room" control makes all the difference. I have never enjoyed the sound of a close mic'ed amp all by itself (in a mix is a different story). The only time I mic that way is live. When I'm recording I always include a room mic to blend in and many times it's 75% of the final tone. Probably just me, but that's what I like. The "room" control on the Iridium really brings it to life.

I can't say that I think all three amps nail the sound of the amps they are emulating, but I can say that I like the tones I can get from all three. And it didn't take lots of twiddling to get some great sounds, which is a HUGE plus in my book. I feel like this is the modeling product made for impatient people like me; turn it on and be up and running in minutes. I haven't done anything but twist some knobs, so I haven't looked at any of the Strymon style secondary features, but I'll get to that later today. I'm really looking forward to running it with my pedalboard, also later today.

So far the only negative is that I'm going to have to give it back (or pony up some dough) LOL! I won't be shooting a vid for this for probably another week or so, let me know if there's anything y'all want me to try that hasn't been addressed yet (within reason please). Also, I'd like to know some of the things everyone loves, likes, and doesn't like about it, it's all gonna be useful.


I put some of the York IR’s in and they sound pretty good. I run it into a DI > aml 1073 > Apollo interface with the Ocean Way plug for room sound and an La2a for some squish/leveling. It sounds really good! Being able to plug my pedals into it or into my amp without changing everything is awesome.

So far I’ve really liked a Harlot, HBOD, Benson Preamp, Timmy and Deco in front of it for dirt. Still working on fuzz. The SA True Spring is also outstanding with it.

Would love to know what pedals work well for you (especially fuzz) and any third party IR’s you try. Thanks!

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