Initial thoughts on tone -- new 1983 LP standard w/ shaws


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Got this one in last week and still trying to play with the eqs to get it to sound the way I want it to.

Here are my initial thoughts -- the Shaws are way hotter than I am used to (they squeal in the house if anywhere facing the amp and not playing -- well, while OD is on) and the low end seems a bit "squishy". The neck pickup seems to be even hotter than the bridge and is BOOMING. The controls don't seem to do a ton to the tone and have limited useful range.

I am pretty sure all electronics are the original (opened up the back and there was a metal cover covering the pots, took it off, old looking pots with a couple little orange caps between them) and I am pretty sure these are Shaws (you can tell from the pics) --

I am playing through my badcat black cat (which rules) and can't seem to dial in the tones I am seeking -- just seems that the hot shaws are under a blanket or something -- don't know.

Would a change of pots and or pickups be in order to get what I want? I used to have LP with BB pro 3s - which I really, really liked -- and would love to return to something in that range.

I know the Shaws are somewhat sought after, but I am just not digging what I'm getting right now. Maybe it will be different mic'd and live in a few weeks.

Any thoughts -- new pots, pickups -- anyone else with Shaws describe them like this?

Here are the pickups and the guitar



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Check the values on the pots. My 82 Shaw equipped 335 was swapped out to 500K pots while it was out for a refret, and past reports on the LP forum suggested that it originally had 300K volumes and 100K tone pots. I can't verify that because my tech didn't return the original pots. I'm happier with the guitar now, although the bridge pickup is very bright on it's own. I got the best improvement from the refret, as I could not stand the low wide original frets. It seemed indistinct on lots of tones on the neck, 6130's are what he put on the guitar.
I also lowered the pickups and found a sweeter sound with them further away from the strings. It used to overload my Deluxe Reverb clone Allen Accomplice, and now it sounds a lot better. I agree on the Shaws tendency to be pretty hot pickups, try lowering them until you find a tone you like.
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I've already lowered both of them -- I have emailed RS Guitarworks and asked about the POTs -- ultimately I will swap the pickups for something more usable if I can't get the tones I want with pot changes.

I'm sure someone here would love pair of Shaws :)

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