Insert tremolo and octave.....HERE!!!

My boss tr-2 tremolo and my boss oc-3 super octave are the only two pedals i just can NOT settle on their placement in the I ask some opinions...where in the following chain would you place a tremolo pedal and an octave pedal

I put an * before and after all my od and distortion so everyone doesnt have to read through all of that

barber tone press (compressor)
barber trifecta (fuzz)
*barber ltd*
*barber direct drive *
*visual sounds jeckyll and hyde*
*boss sd-1*
*boss od-3*
*marshall guvnor*
*mi audi crunch box*
*marshall jackhammer*
*boss mt-2*
*line 6 uber metal*
boss eq
boss tuner
boss ns-2 noise supressor
dls chorus~vibe
boss chorus ensemble ce-5
boss phase shifter
boss flanger
line 6 echo park (delay)
boss dd-20 (delay)
boss reverb rv-5


Fuzzy Guitars
Thats a heck of a signal chain you got there...

FWIW, I always put octave/pitch shifting devices as early in the chain as possible...first if you can and I always put things like tremolo's as close to the end (last if you can) as possible...
so tremolo AFTER delay is a good spot? Ya see Ive never tried that...usually I have it right before delay or even earlier in the modulation part....

Ive got octave right after my wah right now, and had it after the fuzz and compressor and couldnt decide which was better


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Wherever sounds good is the best way to arrange them, but typically it would probably go in the following order:

Before the trem pedal was invented, trem came from the amp...making it last in the chain, or just before reverb if the amp was a reverb. That should suggest where to place the pedal.

The octave should be first. Definitely before compression.

You might consider some TB loops - that's a mighty chain of pedals you've got there.

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