Installed an EMG 707-TW.

*EDIT* Here's some clips.

Single coil clean. Spanky and scooped a bit.

Single coil with bridge humbucker. More bold and solid.

Single mid gain. Pretty tonefull. Responds to what you're putting into it.

Single high gain. Searing, and cutting.

One thing about Ibanez guitars that I've noticed is that they're pretty dull sounding. :D Fender and Gibson really got it right.


Sounds good. Sound clips latter. I earned myself a glass of wine! :D If you didn't know, the TW is both a humbucker, and a single coil in one. There's a push/pull volume pot that makes it happen. You could wire it on the tone if you wanted to.

There's a volume drop when I kick the single coil in on a clean tone. The sound is sparkly and spanky. But on a distorted tone, the volume loss isn't noticeable because of the single coil clairity. It cuts very well. It just sounds a bit more mid gain.

The word for today is HOG. As in hog out the electronics cavity.


I took my time, and didn't F it up too bad. Made enough room for 18 volts. That push/pull pot puts space at a premium. I still managed to stuff it all in there! ;)


Back in buisness.


Back to the cabernet!


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Not familiar with that model EMG. I had the 81/85 combo in my old RG570. Ive been wanting to load one of my RG's ( Ive got 4 of them) with another set again. None of my RG's are dull sounding-thin might be a better description but alas I like em. Nice work. Bob

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