Installing a (used) SD SM-1n pickup - Using the mesh, or solder a wire around it?


I'm putting a (used) Seymour Duncan SM-1n in my Tele and the wire-mesh shielding is pretty tight fitting, but it has a solder mark around it, like a wire was soldered to it (maybe)?

Can I just solder a wire around it and use it that way? Or do I need to cut it away from the inner wire and solder the actual mesh to the pot or selector switch? Or just plop the mesh on the pot and solder the whole thing down there, with enough of the black wire to reach the selector switch?

Or does anyone have any better ideas?



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Go either way. The shield can easily be soldered to ground. But I have soldered wires to it if the wire was either too short or the guitar had a very strange or cramped control cavity.

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