Installing Speakers hard?


I'm considering of doing a self install on some new speakers into a combo amp and wanted some guidance on how hard it is. I've done some soldering before but I have never tried installing speakers. Is this a relatively easy task or something better left to pros. Any advice or links to informative websites that will help should I decide to go ahead with this?


It's simple in concept. Can be mechanically tricky depending on the amp and speaker.

Got the right spanner/socket?
Will the speaker come out without removing the chassis? (beware the pull of the speaker magnet, which may take you unawares and smack the speaker into the tubes!)
Does the new speaker have the mounting holes in the same pattern? If not can you move the mounting screws?

will new new speaker take the wattage?
is it the same impedance? (figure in ohms)
is the speaker lead soldered into place (can you undo and re-do that?) or is it the automotive push-tags?

I wrote up my speaker change on

Yours will be different in many ways but it may help start you off...

best wishes



Swapping speakers:

Usually the only problem with bolt pattern is when the baffle has 8 posts and the speaker has only 4 holes (i.e. mounting a Celestion into a Fender). You either drill the speaker or remove the extra mounts.

Otherwise, the two most common errors are:

Phasing: in multi-speaker setups, if you hook the '+' speaker wire to the '+' terminal on one speaker and the '-' terminal on the other, the speakers will be out of phase and the amp will sound terrible. If the speakers aren't marked, you can determine polarity using a 9V battery (method is posted in a thread here somewhere).

Over-tightening: You are not bolting an engine into a car! The speaker mounting bolts/nuts should be hand tight and no more. Cranking them down with a cheater bar will crush/distort the mounting gasket (so it won't seal correctly and the speaker will rattle) and/or warp the speaker frame (leading to other exciting problems). Tighten the mounts in a cross pattern so force is evenly applied across the speaker.


BTW, Stratopastor, your "dismantling" page link is bad... it's pointing to a file thats local to your computer...

Richard Guy

One other item to be careful of;...use a screwdriver that fits the screw head properly as you don't want to slip off and spear the cone. I've seen it happen ;^)

Guinness Lad

Some things to think about:

1. If an alnico speaker and a small amp the speaker may not fit with the bell cover. If so, just remove the bell cover.

2. Remove the tubes if they are anywhere near where you will be messing around. Don't want to hit a tube when pulling the speaker out.

3. You can use spade terminals instead of solder. This way you can just pull the wires off if your not happy and want to try something different.

4. Sometimes the speaker can stick a little bit, the foam can want to adhere to the cabinet.

5. Screw down the nuts equally without too much force, you should never dent the frame of the speaker. It's better to retighten then to have found you went too far.

It's super easy just pay attention and be careful with that screwdriver. I can personally testify to putting a screwdriver through the cone. :eek: If you do this just use paper towel and some elmers glue. Put 1 sheet of paper towle on each side and coat with glue evenly removing all the extra glue.

6. If the speaker terminals aren't marked do it before you start removing anything.

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