Interested in a looper, how to do it?



I tried a flashback delay/looper pedal in a 1x12 combo. The problem with it was that the loop playback and my live playing competed, so if I played solo you couldn't hear the loop, and as soon as I stopped you could hear the loop clearly.

I'm thinking this problem is because both the loop and the live playing was coming from the same speaker, correct? The looper was not in the fx loop, should it be?

I'm running 2 heads into a 2x12 myself, so each amp has it's own speaker. I was thinking I could use a looper on one amp, into one speaker then solo through the other amp in the other speaker?

Could you guys educate me?


Try it in the loop. I have a TC ditto and with my old amp it went up front at the end of the chain and had the same thing, live won out against the loop. With my new amp I now have a decent fx loop so it goes in the loop after my mod pedals. No longer is there the issue I guess as the loop signal gets slotted in before the power amp.

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