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Interesting amp issue...

I have a Fender Vibrolux Custom 68. After a speaker swap it is actually a really great amp!

That being said I am having an issue with the amp that I've never experienced before.

Usually within the first 5 minutes of turning the amp on I start to get a terrible static and rumbling sound and the amp cuts volume and treble significantly but not completely. It sort of pops up and down in volume for a second and then settles back in. At first I feared a cold solder joint but once it does this for like 10-20 seconds it then will act perfectly normal for an entire hour practice or so. And it always occurs close to when the amp is turned on.

I've experience similar issue that are reoccurring but it's very odd that the amp only is behaving this way once and then acts as normal for an hour plus. This has happened consistently maybe 10 times.

Any thoughts? I can't start pouring a ton of money and time into the amp trying a myriad of fixes and was hoping someone could give sort of a narrow window of fixes to try!


Silver Supporting Member
Had the same thing happen to me at a gig last weekend staticky when notes or chords were played. I haven't troubleshooted it yet and I'm not sure its a output tube or solder joint.


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Yeah, I'd vote for bad tube, dirty tube socket, or cold solder joint at a socket. Once the amp heats up after a minute or so the solder could be flexing enough to make the problem go away. Can't hurt to hit the joints with a soldering iron.

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