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    Hey everybody! I haven't posted here a whole lot in the last year or so since I've been on the road constantly. Some of you know me from when I posted here a bunch when I was in high school. Since then I've moved to Nashville, briefly attended school, and since last year I've been touring full time as a solo artist, as well as doing some touring with the late Butch Trucks. I released my debut record "Wooden" this past January which was really just a fun experiment that I decided to release to see what would happen, but it is very string-heavy and has a more acoustic sound than I've ever had live.

    Since March I've been touring with the same group of guys, playing over 80 shows this year coast to coast. We recently started a making a new record, which really feels like my first because it's the first time I've been in the studio playing with the same band I've toured with for months and not just hired guns.

    So to go along with a new album coming out and a huge touring schedule (TBA) next year, I decided to give my guys more of an identity and name the band "Ben Sparaco and The New Effect." This also makes it easier to have some distinction between my solo/guest artist work and my work with the full band.

    The album is still in the very early stages of production, but a single "There Is No Them" comes out on December 6th. A late winter tour announcement is coming very soon, but I have a few shows left for the rest of the year:
    12/2 — WDVX Blue Plate Special — Knoxville, TN

    12/2 — Barley’s — Knoxville, TN

    12/6 — Music City Roots — Franklin, TN (with Mike Younger)

    12/8 — The Fillmore — San Francisco, CA (with the Devon Allman Project, North Mississippi Allstars, Robert Randolph, Bobby Whitlock + more)

    12/14 — The 5 Spot — Nashville, TN

    12/23 — The Funky Biscuit — Boca Raton, FL (Brothers and Sisters Holiday Jam with members of the Gregg Allman Band)

    12/28 — Blue Canoe — Tupelo, MS

    12/29 — Martin’s — Jackson, MS

    12/30 — Jig & Reel — Knoxville, TN

    Here's a promo/teaser video for the new record:

    Check out my website, like me on Facebook, and follow me on instagram (where all the gear posts are) @bensparacomusic to keep in touch!

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