Introducing Stomp Labs and the Max O.D.


Hey guys! Stomp Labs is a new effects pedal start up out of Sydney, Nova Scotia. We are a small team of 2, getting our name out there as we ramp up to launch our first effect.

Here is a demo of our product, the Max O.D., the first in our XPressWay expression enabled effects line.

As you can see in the demo, we are doing things a little differently, by giving full expression control to every control. No holds barred! You can express any control simultaneously, direct or inverse, and with a full or user defined limited range. This gives a ridiculous amount of live control.

A bit about us

My name is Shawn, and I have been in the electronics industry since 2007, working on systems automation, communications, and circuit repair. I have also been an amateur musician and gear geek for as long as I can remember.

I have been working with the owner of Stomp Labs, Jeff Slipp, on this product for roughly a year to get it to this point. Jeff is an Electronics Engineer, and amateur guitar player and gear geek as well. He wanted to be able to alter the controls of his favourite effects live, and after finding nothing on the market, started Stomp Labs to do just that.

About the technology

We use a hybrid system of Digital and Analog. All analog effect chain, with digital controls. We had to do a bit of engineering to get the audio chain noiseless and ensure total separation of the analog path.

The benefits of the hybrid system mainly allow us very advanced expression control. The expression input can be mapped to any single or combination of controls on the pedal. Want to adjust the gain up while adjusting the tone down? We can do that.

We also have added an expression out feature. This for all intents and purposes is a computer controlled expression pedal built directly into the Max O.D. and all of our future XPressWay effects that directly follows the expression input. This allows you to use a single expression pedal to control any combination of expression enabled parameters across multiple effect pedals.

The digital control logic is all included on a single 'platform' circuit, which connects to foot switched and knob boards. Then we have an analog effect 'daughter' board that plugs into it. This allows us to just create the different analog effects without having to recreate the digital control structures. We already have a prototype for a Phaser, and a Fuzz, although they are not ready to demonstrate just yet. We will also be opening up the digital platform to the DIY community so that they can incorporate this technology into their designs, without any knowledge of interfacing, logic, and other digital shenanigans.

The product is ready to pre-order online at our website. We will also be launching a kickstarter campaign in the next couple of weeks as part of a funding campaign to get these bad boys mass manufactured.

Thanks for your time guys and gals. Reply and tell us what you think, or if you have any questions about the pedal or the technology behind it, and don't forget to check us out online! Like us, follow us and so on to keep up to date, or pre-order your Max O.D. Today!

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