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Introducing The American Ultra Series | Fender


So it's a Strat with a slimmer neck joint? Is that it?
It has the easier access neck joint, 10-14" compound radius fingerboard, different neck profile, upgraded pickups, and the s1 switch.

Not a massive difference compared to the American Pro, but I guess they've got a product line to fill out. The neck joint and fretboard radius are nice additions, I think.

For the same price the Ibanez AZ gets you more in my opinion, but it doesn't say Fender on it. The Kiesel I've got on the way offers more for less money, but also doesn't say Fender on it.
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How many pink ultra strats do you think they would sell?
Well, Shell Pink is not a very vibrant pink and it has many fans. Like I said in the post, it is probably a limited appeal color so I don't know how many they would sell. I actually look for Shell Pink and Fiesta Red Strats, because I love both colors.


I just played one for a while. Meh. I was hoping to walk out with it since I was looking for a strat. It was a good playing strat but nothing special. It actually felt like a prs. In other words, it felt good to play but it also just felt lifeless. Take it or leave it (my advice). Just didn’t do it for me.


So I have been in the market for another Strat for a while. I just bought a MIM 60s loaded Road Worn Sunburst body and a Robert Cray neck. Under a $800. The loaded body is 5.8 lbs. should give me a light 7lb. Nitro Strat. Just what I have been looking for. I will take it my setup guy for a proper setup and be good to go!

This will be my first reliced guitar. It will be nice not to have to worry about dinging it up!
Thank you. I didn't see them on GC's site for some reason. That looks pretty nice. And it has a 43mm nut width too! Now I want one! :eek:

JB Eckl

I got an American Elite Strat Two summers ago. The pickups are killer, zero complaints or improvements needed. The neck is a dream. Great old school sunburst finish, a little dark which I love. Mint guard, cream covers. Heel carve is there but subtle. For a Fender with modern appointments, it’s 100%.

Fender knows that they hit a plateau after that; all they had to do was add the Jazzmaster and P Bass to the Elite lineup. But instead they fluffed it up with a ‘THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING’ marketing campaign. How many times will companies say that crap? Silly.


I checked some out, and these are my initial thoughts;
the bad things with these particular guitars were that the 5 string Jazz bass G string was too close to the edge of the fretboard and had a tendency to pop off if I played it hard, and the rosewood strat neck had fret sprout as well as badly rolled edges. The edges didn't particularly feel bad, but they looked like a bad Gibson when their quality control was at their worst. Maybe the sprout was due to the rosewood shrinking in a cold warehouse and not sub-par fret work.

The good was most everything else. The Strat and Tele with the maple necks felt great, sounded great, and the access to the upper frets was a nice addition. I really liked the Tele neck profile. Better feeling than the other fatter Tele necks, which were my favorite before playing this one. If I get a chance before someone buys one, I'll have to A/B the Ultra and the Jimmy Page to see which neck I like better.

Just my 2 cents. I didn't really get into depth with them as I didn't have a lot of time, but hopefully I'll get to sit down with more.

John C

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Thank you. I didn't see them on GC's site for some reason. That looks pretty nice. And it has a 43mm nut width too! Now I want one! :eek:
To find that page with the URL that includes the words "shell pink" I had to do a search specifically for "Fender Player Stratocaster Shell Pink". The other 2 GC/MF limited colors (black and surf pearl) just show up when you search for "Fender Player Stratocaster" - but if you click in the surf pearl one it shows thumbnails of both the pearl and the pink so you can change to the pink. Odd website programming.

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