Got one of the last Mesa Boogie Mark V 90 watt heads Sweetwater had in 2020 before they ran out for awhile due to back-orders and supply issues…

Today, I plug in to play and notice some of the lettering on the face are missing.
F-ing maid put some stuff again the head as she was cleaning and I guess it scratch off some of the letters from the Full power, variac, and mark v underneath the switches…

Ultra pissed. It had been sitting there for 4 months..I know it wasn’t me or anyone else because when I went to plug in today, I had to move stuff she had pushed against it.

Can these letters be repainted on the head if I send it in?
I’ve seen beat up, used heads that aren’t missing the lettering.

Advice please?

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i mean you have a maid so something tells me life is going to be ok.

It’s not really expensive, and is far more common even among lower-middle class types than I would have guessed. Part of it is where you live.

Either way, your post didn’t do anything to help. All you’re doing is acting like a knob.

To the OP: I’d see if Mesa has any ideas. They’d be my first contact.

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Interestingly I believe all the lettering in question is painted onto a separate faceplate that screws onto the main panel. You might be able to get a replacement faceplate from Mesa, I would call their customer service line. Have your serial number handy, it's a good reference for them.

You can see the panel in question is raised above the main panel (where the knobs and switches are actually attached) and is held on by several tiny screws.



Mesa used to be really good about selling replacement parts. Dunno if they are anymore or not. Definitely worth a phone call…


I love how owners of Mesa Boogie Amps are always talking about the quality of their amps but the maid dusts it and knocks the lettering off. ;-)

Just kidding...time to look for another maid.

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