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Iridium into GarageBand problem

old crow

Silver Supporting Member
Coming out of a Scarlett , I’ve been going into a mic track. I use the “No Effects “ option. I guess this is just a d.i. ?
It sounds similar, but not as good as the sound from the iridium h.p. Jack.
I would just like to know what others with amps in a can do ,
GarageBand doesn’t seem to have an option for recording amps ?


"I'm losing my edge, but I was there..."
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Lets see if I can help.

1. From Iridium to Scarlett = LINE, not mic.
2. Iridium headphone is STEREO. Are you you going stereo out from Iridium to the Scarlett, using 2 inputs? If not it won't sound the same.
3. GB has a ton of built in Amps and an Amp Designer. You don't need Iridium.

Try - Guitar -> Scarlett (set to line input) -> GB.
Create a new track from scratch or template.
Open Amp Designer, go to town.

If you can't find something in GB:

See detailed information about the GarageBand interface, commands, and menus, and step-by-step instructions for creating GarageBand projects and for accomplishing specific tasks.

Good luck.

old crow

Silver Supporting Member
I’m mono out of Iridium , using left line out . Then into Scarlett and GarageBand.
I use Amp Designer when plugging a guitar straight into the Scarlett, but
when using an amp , I.e. Iridium, Kemper, whatever....I don’t want to go
into another amp. I.e. Amp Designer. I want to go to a preamp channel strip,
as if I’m going into a mixing board. Maybe this is what the Focusrite is. ?
At any rate I can’t find anything similar to a channel strip for plugging an amp
signal into.
Are the Mic in’s as close as it gets to something like a Neve strip. ?


You need to switch it from Mic to Line level input, or DI instrument input will work too if you lower iridiums level

old crow

Silver Supporting Member
I’ll try that, but so far I’ve not seen that option.
I’m using Mac version.

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