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Is anyone else not a big fan of the Mini Pedal format?

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Lone Wolf in Idaho
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I mean the tiny labels, knobs and switches plus the fact they shift (when velcroed) when you step on them? They sound fine, at least the two I have (an Xotic SP Compressor and an Xotic EP Boost) but I guess I'm old and like big knobs and big labels lol


I'm all for packing a lot of power into a pedalboard so overall I like them. But it depends a lot on the context because unless I find a comfortable pair of shoes with very pointing tips, they don't save that much space. :p

But I have a mini compressor because it is always on purposes, I don't have to switch it w/ my foot.

I have a mini tuner, which saves a little space but only because I have no footswitch utility pedals surrounding it. (high pass filter and junction box).

I think it is a smart move to make some knobs small and others big. Like the Way Huge Pork and Pickle, I generally set and forget the tiny blend knobs. But I think they smartly made the key ones big.


They have their purposes however other than the TC Electronic Polytune 3 Mini I've yet to come across another that has been able to be a mainstay on any of my boards. Incidentally, my tuners never get on a pedalboard anyway, they sit on top of my speaker cab along with the noise gate right next to the amp head's input.
I prefer mini pedals on the rare occasion for my set-it and forget-it style pedals (looking at you, Xotic SP), but everything else has to be full size. I like having a large pedalboard.


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I do have a Polytune Mini 2, but I don't like the form factor. I would like to replace it, but it works, so why bother?

I much prefer the wider/standard pedal sizes with top jacks. Whether I've used 3M dual lock or velcro, it always seems to roll or tip when I step on it. In the past, I've just turned it sideways and used a couple zip ties around the tuner and the rail of my Pedaltrain. Just not a fan.


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I think a worthwhile position exists in the market.
I have solved the tipping over part with dual lock.
Tiny knobs are a little issue (get it) because of my old man bifocals, but my stomp box strategy is set and forget.

One downside I dislike is the loss of the battery option for simple mini's like comps and drives. It wouldn't take much to power them with a CR2032 like the Korg Pitch-black mini. Most pedals don't require 9v, that's just the industry standard.


I used to hate them, but it's just more irrational silliness. My Xotic SP Comp is incredible. My Yellow Fall delay was dirt cheap, but I do hate the micro knobs, but.... it sounds amazing pre-dirt. It definitely earns it place on the board daily. My Rowin Noise Gate is mini, but dirt cheap, and is perfect for my needs, so whatever. I've also got the Ibanez 850 Fuzz mini, again, hating those micro knobs, but it sounds decent.

Honestly, for space saving, a mini pedal is no skinnier than a regular size pedal with top jacks (Wampler/Walrus/EQD/etc), so for space saving, they aren't as useful as they let on. But for me, if the pedal I like/want/need happens to be mini, fine with me. I never seek it out though, because you really don't save much if any space in a lot of cases.


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I don't like them at all. Not really much space savings because if you don't spread them apart it's hard to press just one switch. Dual Lok helps but doesn't eliminate the wobbling back and forth issues. They sound fine.

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