Is bare mahogany on a neck bad?


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My 99 les paul has started to show some bare wood on the neck. I was wondering if this is really bad for the guitar or just as long as I dont let standing water sit on it (put it in the case wet from sweaty playing or something) will it be okay?


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An unfinished neck can have humidity issues, but if you're just talking about wearing through the finish, I don't think that should pose any functional problems.
It's the best thing that can happen to a LP neck.

You should be celebrating. :)

Pretty humid in that part of Florida - less fluctuations in temperature and humidity than most places. I think you're ok - just keep a steady eye on the neck, check it out every couple weeks for movement.

I don't find raw 'hog silky like maple is. If you don't like the feel, lay on a smidge of nitro as it will marry up with the existing finish great. Oil will not.

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