Is Digitech Out Of Business? Website Seems to be Down


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I went to the Digitech website to check some info about one of their pedals and got the "forbidden" notice. Anyone know if the site is just down or have they given up the ghost?
I actually went there yesterday because someone mentioned a pedal and I went, "is Digitech even still in business?"

The site was OK then.

You know, when I was a kid, they made a whole line of pedals basically competing with Boss. At that time they were made under the DOD label. I had a Digitech delay unit and they pissed me off because the battery that held the presets went dead in it like 3 months after I bought it and they said batteries weren't covered under warranty. So I must have gotten a unit that had been sitting on a shelf for a couple of years. I replaced the batter but I had to special order it from a one of a kind battery store we had in town back in the pre-internet days. Never have owned a Digitech product since.

Not that they make anything now really. I saw very few things on the site. I see why now based on the other responses.

I know the Trio was well-discussed an potentially well liked, but I look at that and go "why bother?" Get out of the business and put your resources elsewhere. Which seems to be what they're doing.


Unfortunately, for a company like Samsung, Digitech is so low a priority that they might as well just close the doors. It would be amazing if they sold or released the IP, so others could make great use of their pitch shifting technology, but that may never happen.


I was under the impression that their pitch shifting technology was leased from Canadian company IVL who I think is still in business, although I'm not sure what they're doing these days.


..... seems like history sometimes gets rewritten (or progressively deleted) by the voluminous, idle chitchat of those who weren't paying attention.
It doesn't help when Digitech is a bit "zombified" by having a sort of functioning website with distribution of some stuff sort of still flowing, but nothing new happening.

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Thomason has some blowout prices on their pedals. I just got a new Drop for $79. And last month I bought the large Whammy one for like $129. Didn’t like the big one though.


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Just to summarize for those late to the party...
DOD fell on hard times in the late 80s/early 90s
They hired @Tom Von Kramm , who started designing decent pedals (the Hardwire series) and then basically went nuts with the technology that was available thru Harman, the parent company: polyphonic pitch shifting, feedback, delays, weird fuzzes, collaborations with OTHER guys...
At the time the total, dedicated DOD/Digitech team was TWO guys! They just requisitioned engineers from the rest of the company to implement their mad visions
And then Samsung bought the company, couldn't understand why they needed a "pedal division" and fired the two.
Samsung continue building stuff that was designed before Tom left, but there will be no new product. And it appears they only build when there's a line with nothing to do for a while, so, with current troubles getting parts I'd expect the availability to fall away to basically nothing