Is Fender Santa Ana and Full Moon equal/similar to Angry Driver?


A couple of months of ago I started building my own pedal-board. I'm a fan of the Fender sound so naturally I started with the Fender's new line. I got myself Santa Ana and Pugilist.

But I also like the blues sound. I would say that Boss Blues Driver is the sound I love. However, my budget is not unlimited, obviously. I'm now planning to buy one more pedal and thinkin about either Full Moon (for higher gain) or Angry Driver.

Do you think that I'm able to get a similar sound to Blues Driver with Santa Ana and Angry Charlie's sound with Full Moon?

I would appreciate your thoughts, guys.



I have the Santa Ana, Full Moon, Angry Charlie and Blues Drive. Had the Angry Driver briefly. I'd pass on the Angry Driver. It wasn't bad but not as tweakable as the individual pedals.

I use the Santa Ana regularly. It's got a lot of gain on tap especially with the boost set to gain and very tweakable.

The Full Moon is also very tweakable but I had difficulty getting the mids right on it. It has a ton of gain as well. Have you had a chance to play one yet? The Angry Charlie has a lot of control over the mids.

If you really want the Blues Driver sound and high gain, try the Angry Driver. If just want high gain and like Fender pedals go with the Full Moon. I am selling my Full Moon pedal.
Man, you are a Godsend to me. Surprisingly the Fender pedal line is not very popular.
Since I already have Santa Ana, I guess my question would be if I can get a similar tone to BD with it.
In my mind it should be possible with the EQ control on SA, no?

I've never played Full Moon and all Youtube reviews seem to sound different! I guess that any good high gain is what I need right now to explore.

As beginner I'm still wandering not really knowing what I want. It's a terribly difficult stage and with great potential.

In exchange I'll be more than happy to share my experience with Level Set Buffer.


Unless they are paying you, never mind the brand loyalty ( I love Fender myself). If you love the Blues Driver, grab one instead of trying to make something else sound like one.
Why not get a 2nd-hand Digitech Screamin’ Blues on eBay or Reverb. They are cheap, good, and very similar sounding to the Boss Blues Driver. If you like the sound, see if you can replicate it with your Fender pedals. Or keep it and start playing around with combining dirt pedals :)

Spider Mark

Fender didn’t have a good reputation in the pedal “world” for a long time, so their new line hasn’t had the uptake some may think the name brand Fender naturally provides because of their guitars and amps.

Having said that, I like the Reflecting Pool I bought to replace an EQD Avalanche Run. Very good indeed – but isn’t quite a Strymon or Meris (the brands I know as Top Notch in Delay + reverb).

There are so, so many dirt pedals designed to or can work with Fender guitars and amps … Many Boost pedals also help e.g. Klon(e).

Boss BD-2w, Timmy, TubeScreamer, Prince of Tone, Wampler Pantheon or Euphoria, OCD, Nobels ODR-1, Greer Lightspeed among so many.

Alas, the Barber Gain Changer seems to have shuffled off this mortal coil.

If I had the spare $$$ I would like to try the Fender gain pedals. But I’ll settle for a Spaceman Polaris.

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