Is Ibanez RGA42FM a good guitar?

Discussion in 'Guitars in General' started by yoyospace, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. yoyospace

    yoyospace Member

    Feb 24, 2012
    Hey all! I have been playing acoustic guitar for a year and a half, now i am planning to buy an electric guitar. I live in Boston. I play Rock music and sometimes metal. I have a budget of US$250(can be extended to 300) and i want to buy a 'new' guitar. I am thinking of buying Ibanez RGA42FM. But i have heard that it has a lot tuning problems. I am really confused! Is it a good guitar? If it's not then please suggest some.
  2. rufedges

    rufedges Member

    Nov 11, 2011
    With so many things, including musical equipment and especially guitars, you get what you pay for.

    You cannot get a good guitar for 300 bucks........not unless you find a girl getting a divorce that is selling her husbands stuff off at a big discount. You are going to need to scrape together more money, it looks like a fixed bridge, or not a Floyd at least......but,...they are not quality pickups and not quality tuners, so you will figure that out soon enough, and realize it is going to cost at least 300 minimum + bucks to or more to get those swapped out.
  3. tamader74

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    Jan 20, 2009
    Northern Mi.
    ...Hey there yoyospace, I'm assumming that you are sort of a newbie at the electric 'git and the buying of one. I am not trying to speak for rufedges, But in simple terms he is right, due to alot of things he didn't mention, The first being somebody has gotta' pay the employees pay, somebodys gotta' pay the store owner WHO had to pay the manf. ( this case being Hoshino-Gaki, which has shipping etc.) at the end of all of this, the somebody is YOU!!!...Now, you showed a sub $300. guitar ( and I did notice like a 2 star testamonial out of 5...that even at that level sez alot)...needless to say UNLESS you just have to have THAT 'git...move on, because tuners,nut, harness and/+ p-ups you are at at least another $300.+, and thats if you can do the work yourself. There are some real good people here on TGP, and you will read of $300.-$350. new guitar buys some of them are making, but also read the upgrade/mods. they are doing/did or planning to do, read their threads/post, quick reply the thread OR pm that member, most will help guide you straight, also the emporium here has some has some GREAT deals on 'gits in a price range not all that far off of your $$$ amount, or you can add a trade, this is what makes TGP a great place to learn, share opinions/knowledge and grab some good gear. In the end, try to stay away from the new guitar kool-aid ( Hell,I'm an old man, been playing for almost 50yrs, and only have to count three to tell you how many new guitars I've owned..LOL) until you find YOUR holy grail, not someone else's. So, at the end my advice is to buy used, be patient, check CL, and post a WTB here on TGP., and become a supporting member,so you can get the FULL rhelm of the madness, Good luck, Tom...

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