Is it time for Angus to drop the uniform?


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Only he can decide that.

But consider that he plays big stages to people that aren't all that close to him. Even with a big video screen, the visual impact probably isn't much different today than it was 30 years ago. Maybe he'll drop shedding the coat and shirt part, but I wouldn't bet on it.

His age is much more likely to affect how active he is when he plays. He's always been very physical. Then again, Jagger still does pretty well.

Yer Blues

AC/DC has always been kind of tongue and check, no? I think a 70 year old Angus Young in the schoolboy uniform fits AC/DC perfectly. He doesn't wear it when he sits in with other bands.

What's next? Alice Cooper dressing like he is going to play golf when he goes on stage? Slash not wearing a tophat? Ozzy speaking clearly?