is modding my showmaster just turd polishing?

i've owned a couple of fender showmasters, i like the fit and finish, the 24 fret set neck, s-style guitar that i don't knock the volume knob when going to town on it...
my first was an HH with Dragon II's in it, sounded great, but did have the fairly common thin neck issue at the heel.
i then sound an SSS with the same lovely basswood burl, or whatever it is finish for a good price and picked it up. has a nice neck on it.
i later sold the HH and regret it everyday.
now i am thinking about dropping some good pups in it and maybe replacing the bridge and trem with something a little more solid. the tuners are inevitable, i replaced them on the HH without trouble.
i like the guitar, and instead of saving for the electra-jet of my dreams, i tend to buy pedals and studio gear.
is all of this a waste though? is there no potential for greatness in this korean born six string?


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The more you spend on what you don't really want, the farther you are from what you do.
If I were you I'd save my money for the guitar I really wanted.


Depends on how you look at it, I have two no name guitars, got them for about $125 each. The basic guitars are great, and with about $50 each of pickup changes and some new wiring they are two of the best guitars to play now.(I got my pickups used) Had I bought a name brand(both are Gibson copies) it would have cost me easy a couple of grand and they would of still needed stuff.
Of course if the basic instrument is no good then it never will be. You need to know what works for you.
I've played Epi sheratons (really liked), AVRI Jazzmaster (too noisy for my tastes), Prs custom 22 (sold for dollars), and these Showmasters.
I genuinely like the guitar, I just want "more (and clearer)" sound, but if it's not in there, I don't want to spend a few hundred looking for it.


I say mod. IMO these guitars are worth a small investment if you basically find them to be nice players like I do mine.
I have a 2004? MIK Showmaster HH goldtop and I have been toying with the idea of installing a wilkinson.
the fender santa ana and atomic HBs on this guitar are sweet.
from what Ive noticed these korean fenders appear to be going up in value.

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