Is PRS going to release the greatest Tele ever?


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There are pics and now videos of Miles Kennedy playing a PRS with a Tele style body and bridge. Nothing official yet from PRS, and I'm not even a Tele lover, but if PRS releases a Tele that's as good as the Silver Sky, the Tele world will never be the same!

Is PRS about ready to release the greatest Tele ever? Or is this a one off custom made for an artist? Time will tell, but the internet won't wait for that!

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Who knows really?

Surprised Paul hasn't tried this.

You all know if they say it's not about the money, it's all about the money. Cha Ching!

Perfectly fine by me.

Maybe it's true and someone can give me one..... to sell. ;)


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PRS should stop being a cover band for already legendary instruments

I still find it amazing that the main, say five game changer electrics were so perfectly designed in the 50's. Though the SG blended over onto the early 60's.

1. Broadcaster/Telecaster/Esquire
2. Les Paul
3. Stratocaster
4. 335
5. SG

(feel like I am missing one)

The 50's were the mojo of decades for electric guitar.


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Here's what will happen:

PRS will release a Tele based model.

Half of TGP will call it the greatest Tele ever made.
The other half of TGP will call it the worst Tele ever made.

Many 10+ page threads of carnage will ensue as the two camps wage endless war against each other.

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