Is PRS going to release the greatest Tele ever?


I'll preface this by saying that I'm a diehard fanboy of prs, but...although the headstock works for the prs design, slapping it on other already established body designs just looks wonky imo. They could work at reinventing the wheel a little bit more. If nothing else come up with a headstock shape just for this.

Even the SS was a miss in my book. It replaced the 6 on a side traditional headstock shape of the strat. Fair enough, a little jarring but ok. And then they stretched their headstock shape into an abomination making it doubly offputting to me. They have enough creative people to put something new out there that isn't a "this guitar" with a prs headstock.

All just my opinions that don't really matter. And I know whatever prs chooses to produce, it will play and sound awesome. But I'm shallow. Looks kinda matter.


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In all seriousness, ugly headstock aside, if they do realease their variation on a Tele I wish them great success. I have zero interest in owning another PRS (I have owned several). Very well made guitars, but they are not for me.

It is pretty amazing how much both Fender and Gibson got right in the decade of the 50’s. The fact that those designs are still dominating the guitar industry speaks to their genius.

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Trying to improve on a brilliantly simple design that is also totally time-tested by top level artists, is a strong form of flattery for Mr. Fender. I’m not sure it is necessary or even possible within reason.


If they do... the Tele is so dead simple. Are they just going to make a copy, which will feel a bit pointless? Or fancy it up, at which point it seems like it would miss what makes a Tele great?


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I am waiting for someone who is good with "photoshop" to put that headstock on every well established guitar.


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There are pics and now videos of Miles Kennedy playing a PRS with a Tele style body and bridge. Nothing official yet from PRS, and I'm not even a Tele lover, but if PRS releases a Tele that's as good as the Silver Sky, the Tele world will never be the same!

Is PRS about ready to release the greatest Tele ever? Or is this a one off custom made for an artist? Time will tell, but the internet won't wait for that!

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They are just months from releasing their PRS Tele. Miles wasn't involved aside from road-testing a prototype.

Smith decided to go with the Nick Jonas model:


I am waiting for someone who is good with "photoshop" to put that headstock on every well established guitar.

It's Friday afternoon. You don't get nice things like "someone who is good with photoshop". You'll have to settle for someone who is mediocre with GIMP.

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