Is the Bearfoot Sparkling Yellow OD (SYOD) Pretty Much Identical to the BJFE Baby Blue?


And if so, which version? I've seen the Baby Blue recommended for several years as good overdrive for clean amps, but due to their high price I never took the plunge. Recently I read some things where people though that the Bearfoot SYOD was essentially the same thing. However, there are three versions of the SYOD. Has anyone here had a Baby Blue and a SYOD that can chime in? Thanks.


I've owned a BJFE BBOD (V1, #019) , a Bearfoot SYOD1 & SYOD2, and played the Bearfoot SYOD3 in a tourbox.

The short answer: Nope, they aren't the same circuit.

However, of the Bearfoot ODs I've tried, (which is most of them) the SYOD1 could get closest to the BBOD's sound. The BBOD has a cool "grainy", textured breakup that is hard to cop with other drives--- but the SYOD1 has a really flexible tone-shaping ability and can get pretty close. (I REALLY loved the SYOD 1 with a dying battery around 6V... Little looser & saggier. The breakup wasn't as bright & this got even closer to the BBOD)

Hope that helps a little.


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I've never played the BBOD, but I own the BJFE SYOD 1 and 2, along with the Bearfoot SYOD v3. The BBOD always seemed to have a fuzzy, low gain quality to it. The SYOD is more of a Tweed amp OD flavor.

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Yeah, no.... The BBOD is a discrete circuit (a sculpted fuzz in part) and the SYOD is a multigain stage opamp based OD ... The SYOD does cover the Tweed/Plexi range in its own way ... the BBOD is known for its dynamic touch sensitive Dumblish edgy dirt sustain ... but there is some crossover and on some amps they could be used for similar things ..... but no, different circuits .....


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Hi Gentlemen,

Re How BBOD and MP Sky Blue compares:
Not at all really, while both have different shades of light blue…..

Sky Blue has a history in another BJF prototype and was meant to be an MP version of BJF model Dynamic Orange OD very few made in various colours, however final MP product had some changes to make it easier to produce.
Recently the MP Sky Blue was upgraded and is now closer to its prototype- closer being the operative word, because what you can do in one custom pedal is usually not feasable in large production.

Background and design story is that Sebastian Nylund asked for an overdrive that he could use at stadiums and catwalks and in that be able to turn down volume for cleaner parts and roll up distortion at the turn of the volume control
on the guitar some of the parts used in his proto were custom and or old and and the same goes for another unit that was sent back and forth between me and a friend and customer I know that has the handle Johan and that to tune
the proto to Johan’s liking with his Super Reverb- at the time I had no Super Reverb and the feedback given was invaluable while it took a couple of times tweaking to get the match and it besides it was fun to learn the sounds of a
distant amplifier. Actually I have done that a lot having pedals as spies to learn composite sounds with amps I have not seen and maybe never will-it makes a fun riddle to count things backwards.

The SYOD is technically a circuit that relies on limitation occouring at a certain voltage
Design story on that is partly a guy who had a Hiwatt and a Dyna Red and he played a lot of covers with some level of complexity of chords-
it was here that asked for a distortion /OD that would be sonically in the ball park of his DRD but that he could set so that certain chords rung and decayed desirably.
That was strange pounding all kinds of chords I could think of to listen to the decay-well the attack too

Sky Blue has like the prototypes a
Z-control that sets how swiftly the guitar volume control cleans up the sound
Texture control that contiously sets playing feel- although sound wise it may appear to be a mild mid boost/cut control
and it had Drive and Volume control.
I am not at liberty to go into the exact circuits used by MP, but anyone really interested on component level can go to one of the DIY-sites

Baby Blue OD has been made in a couple of versions over the years although the heart is the same and in the later versions I have focused on solving problems reported so that BBOD can be used with more guitars and
pick up and amplifiers and speakers and thus make sound more consistent. Technically I always thought of BBOD as a fuzz and it is a discrete design that uses some old parts and some selected within a span of what works
and that of course also makes a little difference between units albeit small- biggest difference has been that as great as BBOD can sound on some set ups as non inspiring can it sound on others and this I have tried to correct
with the years, while when BBOD was introduced as a product 15 years ago I wanted to go with the purity of design. I have during these years learnt a lot about many types of gear that I might not even ever see in real life but also
done continious field research on what makes a composite sound-so many variables.

Have fun
"What It Is" Steven Bruton
"The Truth Is Unbelievable"
BJF Electronics

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