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Is the current EHX DMM the best option to get me ballpark to a original DMM?


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I’ve got a DMM-1100TT with the Xvive chips and it sounds great. I can’t believe what they cost right now though. I got mine far cheaper in a weird roundabout way when I bought a used one and it arrived broken and the vendor was so cool they sent me a brand new one for the same price.

There are plenty of videos comparing the new and old models. In general these new 1100 ones regardless of the chips seem to be the brightest and clearest. If you want darker sounds go for the 550 ones or even to a Memory Boy model. Most of the differences seem like they’re going to be lost in a mix by the time you’re comparing DMM models. Most people don’t seem to reliably differentiate the Panasonic vs Xvive chips or disagree on which they like better. It could come down to calibration.

I’ve never seen either the DMM I have now or the MB I had before run out of headroom on the input even running a cranked fuzz or something into it.


I've been reading that over the last few days, and I was originally thinking "what the? - an analog BB delay trying to be a tape delay?", but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Especially with a touch of modulation engaged.
Yep ! But finally digital replaced those tape delays and analog quickly in the studios...


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Anyone have any thoughts on Analogman's mod to install four NOS Japanese Panasonic MN3008 chips?

Would I notice much of a difference over the standard Xvive chips?
I had a friend who did that, he preferred the stock version so he sold it. YMMV.

edit: he had the mn3008 and analog.man install the mn3005’s. The MN3008’s are still being sold on reverb for reasonable prices, just make sure you have the seller unscrew the back and upload a pic so you can see what chips are installed. I got mine for $175 USD. I’m not sure how that translates to AUSD. I feel no need to mod my XO, sounds great to me.
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i have a vintage dmm now, but prior to that i was chasing pedals that sounded like the DMM. Have no idea what the market is for these now but I did have an old Stereo Memory man and it sounded pretty great. Its basically a "light" circuit of the dmm with fewer chips so it doesn't have quite so much delay time and there isn't an independent modulation control or level control. its cheaper than the DMM for the reason but the vibe is definitely the same. i imagine you can still get them for under $300 but its got the same annoying issues the DMM has (size, power supply, possible noise)

in terms of digital reproductions the most DMM-sounding delay to my ears is surprisingly the old Line6 algorithm used in the pod xt, dl4, echo park, etc. the pedals kinda suck because they mess with the dry tone a lot but the actual delay sound is really close. better to my ears than Boss, Eventide, etc.


I’ve always found the Malekko Ekko (mk1) pretty compelling…particularly how it feels when I play it. It’s so similar, in fact, that the Ekko is on my board and my lovely DMM is in my drawer, only to be taken out for special occasions. You can still grab used mk1’s for cheap. I never found their Ekko mk2 to have the same feel.



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Line 6 Echo Park has a good DMM emulation with vibrato.

I didn’t really think the Memory Lane Jr was all that close.

Strymon Brigadier was very good. Like a slightly better version of what the Echo Park did as far as the DMM emulation goes.

I have a DOD Rubberneck that gets more than close enough for me. The additional features (tap, trails, hold switch for oscillation, tone control, etc) make it better for me in many ways. Still love the Carbon Copy too.

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