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Is the Custom shop fat 50's bridge pickup the "thin strat bridge" culprit?


Tried a sunburst Standard Stratocaster at GC... not sure if 2013 or 2014 model but I really liked how it played even with just the 9.5 radius. (am used to larger radiuses like 12' on my 335 and compound on tele)

Pretty sure I'm eventually going to get one before valentines once i sell off my rickenbacker 330 and taylor 110

However if I find the stock bridge PU too weak/thin for my taste, whats a good replacement SC bridge pickup which has a bit more balls? Not any stacked humbuckers, cuz i just put a lil 59 in my Tele and dont want both of my fenders to have humbuckers.
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Uncle Pat

The Fralin blues set with the plate under the bridge pup works really well for me. No desire to try anything else after almost 8 yrs. in my Strat.


CS Fat 50's are awesome pickups. I dont judge anything from GC....

For all you know some GC idiot lowered the pickup in the strat.

If it's too weak or thin compared to the other pups, it needs to be adjusted.


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Make sure the guitar is set up correctly, Strats are notoriously easy to set up wrong. Any fret/bridge/nut buzzes will be magnified by the bridge pickup.

Does the bridge pup on that guitar have a tone control? Backing that off a bit may help.

It could be the wood in that specific guitar needs a hotter bridge pup, try other guitars like it if they have them to see if they sound thin as well.

As far as fatter pickups go, I am greatly digging a Duncan SSL-5 in the bridge of my Strat right now. It sounds like a nicely thick Strat pup, and has enough chime if no tone control or a no load tone is used with it.


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Lots of things to do before changing pickups. Try height adjustments, tone controls ANC base plates just to name a few. If that doesn't cut it then fatter pickups might be the answer.

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