Is the Dr.Z Prescription gone for good?


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Maybe I'm late to the party (it happens a lot I have so much going on). I just read that the Dr.Z Prescription is no longer going to be made. I assume this is because, like everything else in business, it didn't sell as much as the other amps. I had a chance to try one not too long ago and I liked it a lot more than the Maz Jr, which everyone seems to love. The Maz wasn't a bad amp, but I don't think it gave me anything more than my AC15C1. Since I already have the AC15, maybe I was just looking for something different...but I really just liked the Prescription better.
The prescription had so much more punch in the bottom and was just a great amp and was probably going to be the next one I bought.

Anyway...I'm sorry to see it go.


Yeah, I think the Prescription is gone as are the XS and the Jr versions. The original has been gone for a while... maybe 5 or 6 years.

Never played the original or the XS but I played a Jr through a Z Best cab with a G12H30 and a Blue while on vacation a few years ago and to say I was impressed would definitely be an understatement.


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They're closing them out at attractive prices at if you are interested. The guys there told me that there are a few Z amps since that design that are more evolved ideas on the same theme (like the Stangray).

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