Is the Roland SI 24 discontinued?


I am thinking about buying a Roland VS 2400CD digital recorder from Sweet water
, but need a couple questions answered first.

First off, I am wondering about the claim that the Roland VS 2400CD can have 16 channel recording at the same time with the eight on board inputs and eight more that you can get if you use a Roland SI 24 unit hooked up to the VS 2400CD via a RBUS cable from the VS 2400CD to the Roland SI 24.

Here is the unit in question.....

Now this is all fine and dandy....but JUST ONE PROBLEM.......I do not think they MAKE THIS UNIT ANYMORE! (The roland SI 24) I cannot find a new one online to save my life! Did they discontinue it? And if they did, is there anything ELSE that you can use to get the 8 extra channels for recording all 16 channels at the same time on the Roland VS 2400CD?

I did fine one retailer that sells the SI 24, but he isin the UK and wants a ton of money for it!

If you know of such a unit that could replace the SI 24, please give the name of it and the model number.

Also, there is another thing that confuses me. Why is it that Roland Discontinued the Roland VS 2480....which was supposed to be a BETTER unit and had DVD as well as CD recording on it? It does not make any sense that this unit is discontinued as well. At least, I cannot find it online!

So anyone that knows the answer to these questions, please post. I would really like to buy that Roland VS 2400CD ...IF I can get 16 channel recording at the same time!

By the way, Sweet water STILL sells RBUS cables..... I just cannot find the SI 24 to go along with it!

Any help you can give is appreciated. Thanks.

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