Is there a better combination of technique, melody, and catchy songwriting than C.C. DeVille?


Not trolling - I've owned one Poison CD in my life and that was decades ago. But I'm sure you can admit that, whether you like them or not, if I say something like "Talk Dirty to Me" (and no I'm not proposing to you...) you can hear the song in your head, you can hear the solo in your head, and you're (probably) impressed by the descending scale thing at the end of it.

Nope. I absolutely hate every rose. Will give a listen to some other tunes, out of curiosity.

As far as your criterea, Schon checks all the boxes and then some. I get it if its a matter of taste but, I personally like Schon a lot more.

As far as Page not being technical.... Beg to differ. Apples to oranges.
CC is not even close to Neil Schon in any of those categories. In a buttrock gauntlet, he wouldn’t make it past Mick Mars.
I think DeVille at least matches Schon in that department. Poison had huge hits with DeVille in the band. They replaced him with a much more technically proficient guitarist for one album, and nobody can name any songs on that album.


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Perhaps not on TGP, where things like oxygen-free cable, true bypass, scatter-winding, etc. Is more important than music. But I'd say if you were to talk to non-musicians who are simply fans of rock music, you might see something different.
This is the gear page, so. I get your point, but, c'mon man...CC Deville? And, if you think 'every rose has it's thorns' is a good song, we're probably not going to agree on much.


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Kinda like comparing road apples to cow pies.

Carry on.

How much wheedlee whee do we need?

We could be considering Richard Thompson or Buddy Miller or Jimi Hendrix or Peter Green or Pat Metheny or Mike Campbell or…

-bEn r.


Always loved CC. It's funny cuz I wouldn't even consider him in my top 20 most influential guitarists on my playing, but damn it if he doesn't have a special place in me heart. He was guy before I discover EVH, Vai, etc...

I still think the guitar solo from "Life Goes On" is possibly the greatest guitar solo ever recorded.

It's over the top, messy, melodic, very well formed and just seat of your pants passionate. And that's CC. Coke fueled rock and roll, but damn... the guy could write a catchy solo that always fit the song perfectly. Spinning around in the those big jackets, with a different guitar in every shot. :) He was cool and dangerous. (in an 80's sort of spandex way)

I'm with OP!!!!



Is there a better combination of technique, melody, and catchy songwriting than C.C. DeVille?​


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