Is there a Jazz III alternative with a different voicing?

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    curious about trying something new. I've loved the jazz iii ever since i first got used to the smaller size. It feels comfortable to me, the thickness is great, i never drop it, it lasts forever, and it helps me "hide the pick" and seamlessly integrate fingerstyle to my playing.

    i've never been that crazy about the voicing though. IMO it makes things much darker sounding, with arguably less dynamic range than something like a medium fender celluloid. My main issues are that it is a little warm/middy sounding and that the "attack" to notes is sometimes overwhelming.

    is there a best of both worlds type pick to try, that has the ergonomics of a jazz iii but a more traditional sound and dynamic? do i have to go down the vpick route?
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    I picked up some Gravity picks that are very similar in shape to the Jazz III, I like them ok but honestly can't say how the color the tone. I've never A/B'd them, I just pull one or the other out and play.
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    They make a Jazz III pick out of Ultex, which is brighter than the standard Jazz III picks. They also make them in Tortex which has a different tone and feel.

    The Gravity picks are brighter (but also fuller sounding) with a great dynamic range. One of the things I like about them is that the tone remains full and clear when you pick lightly, it doesn't get more muffled like some picks do. The Classic Mini in 1.5mm will be the closest to the Jazz III. They are the same size, but slightly thicker (1.5mm vs. 1.38mm for Jazz IIIs) and not as sharp of a point. The Striker Mini's are the same size also, but a different shape that gives you three points instead of one. Here's a picture of a classic mini next to a jazz III for comparison. The classic mini looks a bit larger in the picture, but it's just that the top edge isn't as curved as a jazz III, so the shoulders are a bit bigger. It's the same length from the point to the top, and from shoulder to shoulder.


    Pickboy makes some Jazz III sized picks out of celluloid and they come in 1.2mm and 1.5mm, which sound more like traditional celluloid picks.

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
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