Is There A Pedal That Can Do This (?)

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I'm happy with my tone (for the most part) & am only looking to improve it in one area - cleaning up with the use of the guitar's vol knob.

Is there some kinda buffer/volume/other pedal that can help accomplish this?

Chuck Snider

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What is your setup? (Guit/amp)
Reason I ask is I play strats and there's a bypass cap mod you can do on your volume pot that greatly increases the range and clearity as you roll down on the volume.. Jeff Snider of Jeffs guitars in San Diego turned me onto this and it really works great in my situation but I have no idea how it would work on a different guitar than a standard setup type strat...


Z Vex super hard on which will bring out some brilliane or check out the RS guitarworks pots and transistor kits


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Use less Distortion, or pre-gain. Not sarcastic. A lot of those in-between sounds are not that distorted. It all depends on YOUR rig, too.
Also, have you tried a treble booster?


Some amps clean up better than others. First thing to do would be start at the guitar. Make sure you have some vintage style pickups and some quality control pots. The next thing would be the pedal board. The less pedals the better. The best pedal for cleaning up is a Germanium Fuzz Face (in my opinion). Ideally this pedal would be FIRST in the chain and the only in the chain. Another area to look would be the cables. A high quality cable may have better response? Also the amp here would be critical. I think power tube distortion is the key as well. Much more responsive to dynamics. So this means crank the volume, or on a MV amp, lower the preamp gain and crank the master volume.

But some rigs wont really work as well with the volume.

Good luck.


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