is there a speaker like this?


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i have a celestion 100 watter. From what i gathered from another thread i started it seems likely it is NOT chinese. It is a G12T-100 which came out of a 2002 fender SS amp. I also have a EV12L and a peavey scorpion plus that i've been using. the EV has been my main speaker in all my amps for years. What i like about the celestion speaker is first of all, i prefer high powered speakers because i prefer their response and feel. As for tone, it chimes and quacks real nicely when i clean up via the guitar volume knob. I also like that the distortion tone my high gain amp generates sound richer thru it than the other 2. But what i don't like is there is that the highs seem to extend too far and make it sound tinny at times.

that said, the issue a lot of use have with not only speakers but all sorts of parts in the chain from the guitar to the speaker is trying to get nice glassy chime but without the tinniness. It seems to be a problem that only those few highly praised pieces of gear can pull off because face it, you're tying to get rid of something that is partially responsible for the things you want to keep ! In other words, that very high frequency that bothers me at times is alo part of the reason the speaker chimes nicely.

So the question is there a speaker that will allow me the same rich distortion tones and cleaner chime while smoothing and rounding off that tinny top end? in other words, sound similar to the celestion 100 but with less tin and no loss of richness and chime?


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I hate recommending speakers but the G12K-100 is perhaps something you might like. Big lows and mids while not too bright on top. The mids however while being balanced are somewhat aggressive. Ive read someone describe it as the bastard love child of an EV and a Celestion. lol!

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