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Is there any way to do this? (amp switching)

I'm wondering if there is an effective way to take use amp channel switching over long distances.

I play in a lot of worship settings, some at larger venues that use in-ear monitoring and put the amps in a back room.

Is there a convenient extension phono cable for an amp channel switcher?

One of the venues that I play in regularly, though, puts the amps in a back room about 100 feet away and across a hallway with foot traffic.

This seems impossible to me, but is there any way to do a simple wireless switching system? Or some other system I'm not thinking of?

Specifically, the scenario I'm thinking of is I'd love to buy one of the new Vox AC50s with a 2nd higher gain channel, but I feel it would be waste of time if I couldn't utilize the 2nd channel in half of the places I play...
Any ideas?
Just buy a long extension cable and run it along side your guitar cable to the stage. Tape it down with duct tape if there is foot traffic.
Just to clarify, my guitar cable isn't actually running to the stage, it's going into a radial signal buffer into an xlr cable run that goes to the amp room...
Any other ideas?

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