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Is this a VOX AC30 CC playing ?


Wild Gear Hearder
Platinum Supporting Member
What makes you think it's an AC30 at all? Just the AC in the title? Why would that indicate the guitar amp used? It's a good sound but I don't know that it sounds like an AC30...

BTW - "Dark sounding" and "like a Vox" are not normally phrases we hear in the same sentence, hehe.
I agree that it doesn't sound very AC30-ish to me at all. For a Vox to get that compressed you'd hear their power tubes adding the characteristic Vox chime. To my ears, it's not there.

I'd guess a POD doing a Fender blackface, or a guitar plugged direct, overdriving a tube mic preamp/compressor or something along those lines.


Hm maybe you're rigth , I just think it has some AC30ish to it
The new cc models voicing, but obviusly Im not at all sure about it

Its not harsh or compressed enought to be a Twin i think
Some fender amp , a bassman on steroids or something like that maybe

It doesnt sound like a pod to me , It does the mids too well and big
i think it's a patch from spectrasonics trilogy ROMpler.
basically, it's samples from a bass guitar played up high on the fretboard and processed. i use trilogy all the time, but usually restrict it to bass registers.
clever programming, no?

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