Is this high action on a Strat?

Is this high action on a Strat?

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  • Who do you think you are, SRV?

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  • Eh, I've seen higher.

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I haven't played my 1997 Strat Plus in a while. This is what it looked like this morning, at about the 12th fret, from the bass side of the body. It has .11-.49 D'addarios on it, tuned a half-step down.

What say ye, TGP?



Floyd Eye

Not sure how snowfakes ( See Tom's definition in other thread) figure into this, but I know one thing. I have spent far too long doing this to play a guitar with crappy action. :)

Yama Arashi

Not showing for me either. If you can, get a measurement on the non-fretted strings from the top of the 17th fret to the bottom of the strings.

I like the neck relief on my Strats to be right around .010, with my high E measurement usually around 4.2/64ths, and my low E around 5-5.5/64ths - stairstepping each string a little higher following a radius, from the Low E to the D, and from the high E to the G. (Slightly straighter relief and lower action on my Les Pauls and Telecasters)

I consider this medium action, and find it to be the sweet spot to be able to dig in/attack without rattling or buzzing, bend without popping my fingerpad over the next string, and the right amount of play/give/sponginess - I don't feel like I'm fighting the guitar, but I like to work for it a little at times.

All that aside, don't get too hung up on how SRV, Hendrix, or whomever else had their action - go with what feels and sounds right to you. Granted it's fine to use baselines until you figure out what that is.


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Do you go around comparing other measurements with people besides string height?


My guitar, at the 12th fret, I can put a USB end in between the string and the fingerboard and have just a little room left (it won't fit between the fret and the string). 2 quarters will fit between the fret and the string with just a very small amount left.

Fender 11s.


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I don't think the question has a definitive answer; if a player is capable of setting up a guitar, then that player determines his/her own action preference.

A manufacturer may specify string heights, but there's no hard and fast rule that states one must adhere to those. For example, I play primarily with nails and fingertips and I tend to dig in to strings, so I favor medium-gauge strings with action that's high enough to eliminate fret buzz. I can't tolerate fret buzz.
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Yup. For my last cuple guitars I said medim to high atcion to the tech, but they seem to translate it to "barely above as low as possible", so it was out with the Allen wrench and get them to where I like it. :)
I go a couple turns at a time until I hit the spot where it sings.

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